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Where Do You Want To Buy a Home?

With upheaval in this past year, many people are reassessing where they live, where they want to live and where they can afford to live. Before you start home shopping, you may want to review these areas to assess whether your home search covers what is most important to you and your family today…and in the near future.

Family: Determine how important it is to live within close proximity to family. As relatives get older, living closer ranks higher for many.

Health: The need for access to good healthcare also rises as individuals get older. It’s always a good idea to research where hospitals, emergency care, clinics and healthcare professional offices are located.

Lifestyle: City versus suburban versus rural. Every home’s location will give you a glimpse into that lifestyle. What your family is seeking in a home may be dictated by its location.

Work: Employers have a variety of options for workers these days. Some offices have become strictly work-from-home while other jobs cannot be done from home. Weigh your options and choose a home that gives you flexibility if the job changes in-office requirements or you change jobs and need to report to an office in person.

Home Features: You might prefer homes with more space, more outside areas, easier access to open areas, less populated areas or a private space for working from home.

Location: It is still valuable to have access to schools, transportation, recreation, shopping hubs, healthcare and large employers near your home.

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