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What Are the Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the Country?

Where does it cost the most to buy a home? A few towns across the country are known as enclaves for the rich and famous. Here are the most expensive ZIP codes in every U.S. region and what draws the super-rich to each.

The West – Atherton, CA, 94027. Median home price: $7 million.

Atherton, California, is not only the most expensive town in the West —it’s been the most expensive town in the entire country for the past four years. This Bay Area suburb is convenient to both the historic downtown of San Francisco and the technology companies of Palo Alto and Mountain View, making it a favorite for inventors and CEOs. In spite of the enormous cost of land around the San Francisco Bay, spacious homes with sweeping lawns predominate in Atherton.

Mid-Atlantic – Sagaponack, NY, 11962. Median home price: $3.875 million.

For the East Coast’s hyper-wealthy, a Manhattan penthouse is de rigueur, but city life isn’t for everyone. For a breath of country air, affluent New Yorkers head two hours’ drive eastward out to this hamlet in Southampton at the eastern end of Long Island. It’s been a favorite resort of the rich and famous for decades, known for its sprawling beachfront homes with commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Northwest – Medina, WA, 98039. Median home price: $3.225 million.

With a population of only 3,000, Medina is a small suburb of Seattle. It is located on the east coast of Lake Washington and offers stunning views of the lake and the city. It’s convenient to both downtown Seattle and the smaller neighboring city of Bellevue, but retains a small-town feel. Many millionaires and billionaires call it home, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Southeast – Sea Island, GA, 31561. Median home price: $2.845 million.

So far, we’ve talked about suburbs of three of the country’s largest and priciest metro areas. But the Southeast’s most expensive ZIP code is a remote resort town on an island near the city of Brunswick, halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville. A refuge of the wealthy since the Roaring ’20s, Sea Island is known for its several five-star hotels and its famous golf courses.

Midwest – Kenilworth, IL, 60042. Median home price: $1.385 million.

Located a short train ride north of Chicago, this small town is notable for being one of the country’s first planned suburbs, built in the 1890s. Its assembly hall, the famous Kenilworth Club, was designed by the architect George Washington Maher, as were two of the houses in town; other local homes were designed by Franklin Burnham and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Whether or not you aspire to live in the most expensive town in your area, it’s fun to look at real estate listings for the rich and famous. But if you’re looking for a home for yourself in one of these metro areas, we can point you to some options that won’t break the bank.

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