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Tackling a Move While Starting a Business

If your current house doesn’t have enough space for your dream home-based business, moving while launching your company could be your ideal solution. While it may seem hard to pull off, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Suzie Wilson from Happier Home shares how to tackle moving while starting a business.

The Home Buying Process

Buying a house isn’t something that happens overnight. Usually, it takes anywhere from 4 weeks to six months to handle the entire process. Simply finding a suitable property may take days, weeks, or months depending on the inventory in your target market and overall competitiveness. After that, you’ll place an offer, including a list of any contingencies.

If you and the seller agree on a price, you’ll need to handle additional steps as you work your way toward closing. The most common ones include:

Mortgage lenders use the information from those activities – along with other details – to determine whether to issue the loan. Additionally, they create opportunities for you to have issues addressed by the seller before you officially buy the property.

After that, it’s time for closing. You’ll sign some documents, finalize the loan agreement, and officially become the owner of the home. No doubt, it’s a lot of steps and you can easily get lost in the process. This is why working with an experienced and trusted realtor like Zachary is essential in this phase of your transition.

Planning a Move

Using the right moving strategy streamlines the entire process. While you can’t officially move your belongings into the new house until you close, there are many steps that you can handle in advance. For example, you can pack up any non-essentials. Out-of-season clothing, holiday décor, and similar items that you aren’t currently using are excellent places to start.

As the home buying process moves forward, pack up lesser-used household goods. Home décor, book collections, and other items that you may have but don’t touch regularly are ideal. Continue paring down until you get down to the household goods and personal effects you use daily. Once you reach that point, you can wait until your official moving day to wrap the rest up.

Along the way, get quotes from area moving service providers. That way, you can plan your moving budget and start securing what you need. Just make sure that you choose companies that don’t have penalties if you need to reschedule. If your closing date changes, you can notify them and make a timing adjustment.

Starting Your Business

While you might not be able to fully launch your home-based business until your move is complete, there are plenty of steps you can handle in advance. For example, you can decide on your business structure and get that ball rolling.

Now, you don’t have to do much to establish your company as a sole proprietorship. However, you do have to tackle a few steps to become an LLC. In most cases, creating an LLC is worthwhile. It makes you eligible for tax benefits and reduces your liability, both of which are vital.

Next, you can choose a company name and get your starting licenses and permits. In most cases, you can do this at any point once you officially have an address in the state in which you’ll operate.

Additionally, you need to get your EIN squared away. What is an EIN number? In a nutshell, it’s a unique identifier for your business for tax purposes. You’ll have an easier time tracking and reporting payroll taxes and company earnings with the IRS and your state. Plus, it makes getting a separate business bank account easier.

Suzie Wilson – Happier Home

I’m Suzie Wilson, and my passion is in helping people organize and style their homes so they’re not only beautiful, but offer a relaxing, stress-free environment to every member of the family.

It’s no secret that stress affects all of us — and sometimes, it feels impossible to escape. I believe that the last place you should feel overwhelmed is your home. Whether you rent or own, occupy an apartment or a mansion, or live alone, with a roommate or with your family, your home should be your haven.

If it doesn’t feel that way now — or if you think there is room for improvement — I’m here to help! My mission with Happier Home is to offer you insight into how to turn your home into a sanctuary that you’ll not only be happy to come home to, but will actually make you feel better when you’re there. As I’ve always said, “There’s no place like a Happier Home!”

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