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Kitchen Ideas for Busy Families

Kitchen Ideas for Busy Families

Do you always find yourself in the kitchen? Whether they’re making meals or doing homework, families tend to gravitate toward their kitchen space. Making your kitchen work for your family should be a top priority, and it may be easier than you think. Here are a few ideas for designing or using your kitchen to its highest potential.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan helps busy families navigate a kitchen space. It also helps parents keep an eye on the kids even if they’re not all in the same room. You’ll find that kids and pets are underfoot less in an open plan home.

Focus on Prep Zones

For cooks, having the right prep zones is critical. Well-organized kitchens usually make use of a triangle setup where the fridge, sink and stove all are easily accessible. A large countertop that has room for kids to work without being in the way of chopping or prep work is also a good idea.

Install Multiuse Lighting

Kitchens generally make use of overhead and task lighting. To make yours the best space for the family to gather while cooking or doing homework in the afternoon, install lighting over your island, kitchen table and counter.

Create an Easy-To-Use Multipurpose Space

When you have a busy family of all ages, you need to ensure the space works for multiple functions. Cooking may be the top priority, but kitchens are often used for homework, remote work, family meetings and crafting.

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