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Is This Your Situation: Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Your home could be languishing on the market simply because the market is down. However, in a seller’s market like today, the culprit is likely something simple and easily correctable. If your home is seeing no interest, ask yourself these five questions:

#1: Is My Asking Price Too High?  
Nothing turns buyers away faster than a home that is priced too high. Your agent is usually good about setting your home priced based on market data from your specific area. However, some buyers become insistent on getting a particular amount come hell or high water. You should listen to your agent. If your house isn’t selling, it could be because your asking price is too high. 

#2: Is My Home Open Ready?
You may have given your home a really good scrub down before your open house, but was that enough? Your house should be more than clean. In order to sell it, you need to stage your home so that it is most inviting. Get rid of clutter and don’t linger around as people browse through your home during an open house. If you are getting foot traffic but no offers come in, your home may not be open ready. Hire professional cleaners and stagers to improve the results of your open houses.

#3: Are Repair Issues Turning Buyers Away?

Maybe you didn’t bother fixing your leaky faucets or your busted water heater thinking they were small repairs that buyers will probably overlook. They won’t. Buyers will turn your faucets on, look through your drawers, and test the temperature of your water heater. Small repair issues, like leaky faucets, chipped paint, or busted lights should be repaired before you start showing your house.

#4: Is My Home Exterior Appealing?
Good curb appeal can really bring in the foot traffic to an open house. However, if a prospective buyer pulls up to your address and your sidewalks are uneven and broken, your yard unkempt, and your house siding old and filthy, many home shoppers will just keep on driving by. Drive up to your house and look at it as if you are a prospective buyer and then ask yourself, “Is my home exterior appealing?”
#5: Am I Doing Enough to Market My Home?
Finally the problem could be as simple as choosing the wrong agent. Marketing your properties is one of the main responsibilities of your agent. How they market your home will greatly affect how quickly your home sells. If your home isn’t selling, your agent may not be doing enough to market your home.
Any one of these five things could be the reason that your home isn’t selling, but there could be others. If you would like more information on selling your home quicker, feel free to contact me.

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