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Is This Your Situation: Getting Your Home Ready for an Open House?

Selling your home can be hectic, so you might not have a ton of free time to focus on upgrades. Fortunately, there are a few easy fixes that can be done in a weekend. These tips will help you to get your home in the best shape for open houses without being too expensive or labor intensive. Making a good first impression can go a long way towards negotiating the successful sale of your home.

1. Change the Cabinet Pulls

New hardware, including cabinet handles and hinges, can completely change the look of your cabinets. Shiny, up-to-date cabinet pulls can really help to pull together the room and make your kitchen seem pristine.

2. Change the Air Filters and Clean the Vents 

While you might not notice dirty air vents, it is safe to say that your prospective buyers will. Cleaning out your heating and air systems can help your home smell fresh and clean as well as improving the look of the vents.

3. Organize Your Medicine Cabinets and Pantry

This one is easy to overlook, but potential buyers are sure to open cabinets and closets. Keep this in mind when you are cleaning and decluttering your home. Assume that anything that can open will be opened.

4. Increase Your Curb Appeal with Flowers and Plants 

First impressions are very important, and fresh flowers in the garden or potted plants on the patio can go a long way towards making your landscaping look well maintained. Experts suggest using one color of flowers with varying plant heights in the garden. On a related note, if any of your landscaping is becoming overgrown, now is a good time to trim back extra branches or leaves.

5. Pressure Wash Your Siding, Sidewalks and Deck

On a similar note, pressure washing the exterior of your home can make a huge difference by brightening up the exterior paint and cleaning away years of dirt and grime.

6. Stage Your Home with Small Accessories 

While most people have a plan for how their furniture will be displayed, the smaller touches are equally as important. Fresh towels in the bathroom or a vase of fresh flowers can really help to make a space seem inviting. As with everything, less is more. You do not want to clutter up your home, but planning a few simple touches can help to improve your home’s overall atmosphere.

7. Replace Old Bathroom Caulk 

While an entire bathroom remodel might not be feasible, replacing the caulk around your bathtub can help to make the whole space seem cleaner.
For more information about how to get your home in order for an open house and impress buyers, do not hesitate to call or email me today.

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