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Double Duty Dining Rooms Make The Most Of Small Space

When it comes to urban living, adding another use to a single room can multiply your living space without adding square footage. Your dining room is often the perfect place to start, especially if you don’t used it every day.

Rearranging items you may already have and collecting furniture and home decor with more than one use can transform your dining room into a library, workout area, game room or storage space.

Check out a few inspiring urban living ideas from home improvement experts.

A Peaceful Library

If you’ve always wanted that touch of elegance that an in-home library tends to bring, use your dining room to get it. As you can see at Design Sponge, all it takes is adding bookshelves to the walls of the room, flanked by a couple of comfortable chairs, of course. As you fill your shelves with books, leave some space for small bins and baskets for storage purposes. You can even add a small radio or a speaker to hook up to your phone for when you want to listen to music whether you’re dining or reading.

A Fun Game Room

If formal dinner parties aren’t your thing or if they only happen once a year turn your dining room into a part-time game room. Just buy a table that becomes a poker table once you flip it over. According to Albee Interior Design, there are also dining tables that become impressive game tables once you unfold the top.

A Useful Storage Area

It might not be as exciting as a game room, but you can never have too much storage space. It’s easy to add storage options that double as home dcor that looks natural in any dining room. Better Homes and Gardens suggests putting a sideboard against the wall. Use its top surface for lamps, pretty dishes, and any home dcor you want to show off. Then use its enclosed spaces, such as drawers and cabinets, to hide any clutter in your home. You can do the same with an ottoman that features storage space below the sitting surface; this furniture will fit right in if your dining room is doing double duty as a library or sitting room.

A Practical Workout Room

If you work out more than you eat in your dining room, it makes sense to use some of the space as a home gym. You can push a smaller table to the side of the room, placing it on an area rug to make it stand out clearly as the dining area. Then start adding any equipment you need to the rest of the room, starting with adjustable weights that take up very little room. A weight bench can double as extra seating in the dining room and certain home decor such as a mirror on the wall would be perfect for watching your form as you work out.

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