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Built-in Storage Solutions

Storage is a constant struggle for some homeowners. Even when you move and purge, you find yourself with lots of things that need to be kept neat and tidy in your new home. Built-in storage is one of the best ways to ensure that your house stays organized. Here are a few ideas for built-in storage solutions.

Sliding Storage in Narrow Spaces

Make use of spaces in your home that seem unusable. When you have a narrow space where you can’t fit a closet or a cabinet, consider sliding storage. For example, a small space between your tub and wall can include sliding linen shelves. The narrow area between your refrigerator and wall is a perfect spot for a sliding spice rack.

Under-Stair Storage

The area under your staircase may also be usable space that you’re ignoring. You will have plenty of depth to put in shelves, bookcases or cabinets. Some homes employ drawers under each step for added storage solutions.

Recessed Shelves

The space between the studs of your walls can also be great built-in storage. This is particularly good in small spaces such as your bathroom or a pantry area. Use the studs as open shelves, or add a door to create a medicine cabinet.

Tilting Drawers

No rule says cabinets have to open just one way. If you have an unconventional space in your kitchen, consider a creative hinge solution. A tilting drawer or cabinet means you can pull the door out toward yourself and have access inside for additional storage. Some homes use this method to hide trash and recycling bins.

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