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7 Ways to Make Pet Hair a thing of the Past

Imagine this: You invite a friend over to your house. You ask them to have a seat on the sofa while you make them a drink. A glint of hesitation and disgust flashes through their eyes because your couch is covered in pet hair.

How embarrassing!

Make pet hair a thing of the past with these 7 tips.

1. Vacuum like it’s nobody’s business

A short-haired cat or dog will shed, but the hair won’t be as visible as it would if your pet has long hair. For long-haired pets, we recommend vacuuming daily. For short-haired pets, you can get away with vacuuming every few days.

2. Sweep your carpet

Yeah, you read that right. Sweeping your carpet can pull stubborn pet hair out of your carpet with ease. You don’t have to buy one of those fancy pet hair removers for carpets. If you sweep before vacuuming, you won’t have to worry about pet hair clogging your vacuum.

3. Change your air filters regularly

It doesn’t matter how much you dust, pet hair seems to be everywhere, raining down on everything. If you’re not regularly changing your air filter, pet hair can get matted into it and trickle down over your freshly cleaned home every time you turn on your AC.

4. Wash your bedding weekly

Even if you don’t let your pets sleep in bed with you (but, what kind of fun is that?), pet hair can still get into your room through other means. It’s important to wash your bedding weekly to ensure you’re not sleeping on a mattress of pet hair.

5. Keep lint rollers everywhere

You should have a lint roller in every room that has upholstery in it. Is there a drawer nearby? Put a lint roller in it. A knick-knack basket lying around? Put a lint roller in it. That way, when guests come over and you need to tidy up quickly, you’ll have one on hand.

6. Brush your pets daily

Ever hear the phrase “nip it in the bud”? Stop shedding at the source by brushing your pets every day. Not only will it make your house more welcoming to your guests, but it will also be a nice bonding moment between you and your cat or dog.

7. Wash your pets weekly

Sometimes brushing just isn’t enough, especially during the summertime. Give your pet a bath once a week during the times of extreme shedding so you can get rid of those stubborn hairs that won’t come out in the brush.

Getting rid of pet hair in your home is especially important if you’re thinking about selling it. Give us a call if you’re thinking about taking the next steps to sell your home.

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