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4 Weekend Projects To Boost Your Home’s Value

A free weekend gives you just enough time to knock out a quick home improvement. Try one of these four value-boosting projects:

1. Primp Your Kitchen Walls
If your home is like most, your kitchen walls show splashes from cooking, stains from enthusiastic guests and marks from furniture rearranging.

You can quickly add fresh color and a tough new finish with one of the new combined paint-and-primer products, suggests Debbie Zimmer, a color expert with the Paint Quality Institute. 

“The reason paint and primer products speed painting is that you need to apply fewer coats than you do when working with traditional coatings,” she explains. “Rather than applying a coat of primer and two or more coats of paint, you can often apply one fewer coat with a self-priming product, saving hours of application time.”

2. Buy Your Entry Some New Jewelry
Give your house a chance to make a better first impression with new a new door knob, kick plate, address numbers, door mat and exterior light fixture.

Whether you opt for a new smart lock or upgrade to trendy bronze fixtures, you can swap everything out in a single day. If you can see other door handles from the inside of your exterior door, choose a knob that will match, unless you plan to change out the interior knobs, too.

3. Give Your Foyer A New Look…For Now
Temporary wall paper goes up quick (as long as your foyer isn’t huge) and comes down even faster when you grow tired of it. 

Not confident in your do-it-yourself wallpaper hanging skills? How about adding a chair rail with a wallpaper border on top?

York Wallpaper’s Egg Dart Border is guaranteed to be completely removable and will only set you back about $40 for a 5-yard roll. 

4. Shine A New Light 
Update your bath or powder room décor and get a brighter view of yourself in the morning when you swap your old light fixture for a new bathroom light. 

As long as you’re using the existing wiring that runs to your current light fixture, putting in a new one is a really easy job. This 2-minute Home Depot video shows you what you need to know. 

Take note of the face-plate on your old fixture before you shop for a new one. Sticking to a new fixture with the same shape and size will make the job easier. If you don’t have any new parts of your wall exposed, you won’t have to touch up the paint.

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