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4 Speedy Tips to Prep Your Home for a Showing in Under 30 Minutes

There’s a saying, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. This is true for all things—the first time you meet someone new, a job interview or the first time you show your house for sale. The first impression is lasting and can determine if you hook a buyer for your house. 

You only have once chance to impress potential buyers and when you get a call asking for a showing, can you really risk turning them down? Here are some tips to prep your home for a showing at the last minute.
Get Ahead of the Game
The easiest way to prep for unexpected guests is to always be prepared. Try to keep your home neat while it’s on the market so that last minute showings won’t require a large amount of work. What’s left will be smaller messes that can be tidied in under 30 minutes.
Start at the Entrance
Remember the entrance will be the first thing your guests will see as they walk into your home. Start your cleaning like they would, at the entrance. Make sure shoes, coats and bags have been put away and are not in sight. The entrance should look clean, uncluttered and welcoming.
Continue through the House
After a quick pick-up of the entranceway, continue through the remainder of the house as if you were a potential buyer. What room comes next? What room catches your attention?
Tidy up any large or bulky items that stick out. If there are pieces of paper, mail, newspapers or coffee cups, be sure to remove those items or store them in cabinet or drawer until you can go through them. Open the blinds to let in some nice natural light in each room. Be sure to fold up any blankets or throws and quickly fluff the pillows on the couch. Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink and the bathrooms are clean.
Highlight your Favorite Areas

Besides presenting a clean and tidy home, you also want to make sure it’s warm and welcoming. Light a couple of candles, let in natural light and keep the pets locked up.
Don’t be afraid to show off the best features of your home. Think back to your own walk-through. What did you fall in love with? What parts of your home did you find yourself drawn to? Consider paying a little extra attention to those spaces as others will most-likely also notice.
Unexpected guest can always cause you to feel overwhelmed, especially in cases when you’re trying to sell your home. The more you tidy up during your regular day, the easier it will be should you have to receive guest unexpectedly.

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