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Agent Offerings & Expectations

KWCD is home to some of the sharpest, most experienced, and preeminent Realtors and Brokers in Upstate NY real estate. KWCD connects clients to the best of the best, combining skills, experience, reputation, a deep market knowledge, and marketing know-how, creating an unparalleled customer experience for our clients.

The Petrocca Properties Team is built around six core values.

They are the foundations of our culture.

INTEGRITY – We conduct ourselves with high ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every decision and action. We believe in kindness, connecting with transparency, dignity, and respect. This includes all professionals within each transaction, clients, and prospects.

HARD WORK – We work hard and smart. We strive to deliver a level of service that is above and beyond what is expected. We don’t cut corners. We never miss a beat. We are always available.

CLIENT SERVICE – We treat our clients like family and are obsessed with helping them achieve their Real Estate goals. Their goals become ours. We ask questions, listen to understand needs, and host frequent client appreciation events. It’s our unending desire to be their Realtor for life.

EXCELLENCE – We strive to maintain a reputation of excellence.

BETTER THAN YESTERDAY – We’re growth-minded and forward-thinking. We believe that our only competition is who we were yesterday. We continue to learn and expand our expertise to serve our clients even better, and consistently sharpen our skills. Our ongoing professional development, combined with our market expertise, allows us to provide excellence in all we do. We’re social media experts, are tech-savvy, and embrace change.

PLAN TO SUCCEED – We’re intentional. We focus on results, not to-do’s. We’re clear in our expectations. We anticipate and believe that you can achieve anything if you’re focused, hard-working, and have a plan. We manage our time well, plan, schedule, waste less, prioritize better and work efficiently. We prioritize our health, family, relationships, faith, and community.

GIVING BACK – We’re giving, care about people, and believe in showing up for others. Our business is intimately connected to the neighborhoods and communities in which we work and live. We’re committed to serving our community consistently, as well as volunteering our time for charitable causes.

WE CHOOSE JOY – We love selling real estate and anchor ourselves in joy and a positive outlook on life.


  • Power of the team branding as a Top 10% Hudson Valley team
  • Tom Ferry Team + Coaching options available
  • All expense paid trip to the Tom Ferry annual summit
  • Monthly desk fees and KW fees paid for
  • Full-time Transaction Management team
  • Access to team photographer & videographer
  • Weekly & Monthly Team meetings with training & coaching
  • Daily team masterminds with training & coaching
  • BoomTown CRM access
  • Team marketing via youtube, social media, streaming commercials & local hot spots
  • Team Support to help you when you are not available
  • Open house opportunities
  • Team building events throughout the year
  • Listing videos, photography, listing website & ads paid by the team
  • Record-breaking exposure for your listings
  • Availability to Team Leader for questions or assistance 7 days per week
  • Agent branded home searching app
  • Branded “about you” video
  • Team members featured on the Petrocca Properties Team website with agent-branded website links
  • Professionally designed branded marketing, folders & business cards
  • Minimum 2 client appreciation events per year paid by the team
  • Lead generation systems & training
  • Paid signage and lockboxes

* Team benefits are subject to change at any time


1. Maintain the confidentiality of Petrocca Properties Team trade secrets and private or confidential information. Trade secrets may include information regarding the development of systems, processes, products, know-how and technology. Do not share internal reports, policies, procedures, or other internal business-related confidential communications.

2. Team Members should be actively involved in the community, serving and volunteering their time to help with causes important to them throughout the year.

3. Agents with less than 1-year of experience must produce a minimum of 10 sales/year.

4. Agents with more than 1-year experience must produce a minimum of 15 sales/year.

5. Maintain an average 5-star review rating.

6. Be responsive and available for clients.

7. Minimum of 30 minutes per day dedicated to lead follow-up activities.

8. Maintain and log activities in BoomTown CRM.

9. Ensure all leads are logged appropriately in CRM.

10. Continually follow up with prospects and log activities in BoomTown CRM.

11. Host a minimum of 10 open houses per year.

12. All agents must watch or listen to a minimum of 1 Real Estate podcast/video per week.

13. All agents must follow Google calendar and schedule their week and activities in advance.

14. Attend all team meetings and coaching sessions unless ill or on vacation.

15. Maintain consistent Team Leader approved Petrocca Properties Team branding.

16. Operate under the Petrocca Properties Team branding through signage, email, website, and print.

17. All print marketing must be approved by Team Leader before print.

18. All Agents must follow up with new team leads within 15-30 minutes. If the Agent is too busy or not available they agree to transfer the lead.

19. All agents must use email as their primary email source.

20. All agents must follow up on leads with at least 10 “touches” before they are moved to nurture.

21. All agents must contact active sellers/buyers on a weekly basis with updates.

22. Agents agree to utilize Transaction Coordinators on all transactions unless the transaction is a lease or approved by Team Leader.

23. Team Members understand that their social media is a reflection of the team. Agents agree to not post inappropriate or controversial content on their personal or business pages. This includes plagiarized content, inappropriate jokes, inflammatory comments or obscenity, offensive images, images, or content that they have not received the rights to (including other Brokers listing photos), discriminatory remarks, and content that infringes on people’s privacy rights.

24. Agents agree to not talk negatively about other Realtors or Petrocca Properties Team clients on social media. or to other agents & community members

25. It is expected that all agents are active on social media. All agents agree to follow Team Leader’s direction on social media minimum posting goals.

26. If Team Member becomes too busy and overwhelmed, Team Members should reach out to the team for assistance to ensure Petrocca Properties Team clients are getting five-star treatment at all times.

To apply, please fill out the form below.

The Petrocca Properties Team is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, citizenship status, disability status of an otherwise qualified individual, membership, or application for membership in a uniformed service, or membership in any other class protected by applicable law.